23 MAY 2016

C U there

19 MAY 2016

Just came back from TCAF in Toronto. Such a wild fest!
Early bird copies of Breakdown Presses The Artist copies were sold out immediately.They made it a freaking hardcover! You can get more at ELCAF and SAFARI in London.
The Artist won't be officially out until late october.

05 MAY 2016

I'm off to New York and Toronto. Come hang with me and Max @ TCAF. I'll be behind the Rotopol and Breakdown Press tables.
Also I'll do a reading of "The Artist" on Friday, may 13th, 7pm @ the Toronto Mariott Bloor Yorkville Hotel. Along with Aidan Koch, Andrew Burkholder, Brie Moreno, Gilmore Boys Spoken Word Odyssey 2016 (Simon Hanselmann & Grant Gronewold), Gina Wynbrandt, Powerpaola, MariNaomi, Mark Connery, Max Baitinger, Pam Grossman & Tin Can Forest for the ALTCOMICS 3 event. So stoked!

15 APR 2016

german edition of THE ARTIST w/ Reprodukt ---> MAY 2016

01 APR 2016

I'll be in Kassel @ the Rotopol headquarter! April 9th, 8pm!

25 MAR 2016

yes, its true

12 MAR 2016

The Millionaires Club teaming up with Jakob Wierzba for Kubshow @ Radio Blau
check the dates above and tune in!
(99.2 MHz)

13 FEB 2016

w/ Reprodukt (ger)
& Breakdown Press (eng)

11 FEB 2016

Angouleme was a blast!! Thank you Misma, thank you Goethe Institut Paris!!

27 JAN 2016

22 JAN 2016

tangled up artist James Turek in a rocking chair

29 NOV 2015

you can order a VON SPATZ FUN PACK here. You get: a signed VON SPATZ book (german), a 3-color screen print and a patch, like the one Walt is wearing in his dream.

12 NOV 2015

9 NOV 2015


29 OCT 2015

ok, one more yellow book
DON'T WORRY a collection of my screenprints printed on the Risograph. Put out by Matt Davis who's the mastermind behind Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago.
6.25 x 7" / 19 p / perfectly bound / edition of 200 / Order your copy here

22 OCT 2015

OULALALA! officially out today: the French CLINIQUE VON SPATZ with Misma

21 OCT 2015

Interview mit Matthias Gieselmann vom Formfunk Podcast auf dem Hamburger Comicfestival

29 SEPT 2015

My first book is out!!! I'm so proud! Get it from your favorite comic book shop or directly from Rotopol the first 50 shoppers get a signed and numbered screen print with it. Hurry up!

26 SEPT 2015

w/ Max Baitinger, Andy Burkholder, Jul Gordon, Anna Haifisch, Sascha Hommer and James Turek

13 SEPT 2015

Label for Tante Frizzante Prosecco. Puking @Boddinstr.

07 SEPT 2015

2dCloud and Rotopolpress / MISMA celebrities Andy Burkholder and me will be touring Germany and France with comics called 'Von Spatz' and 'Qviet'
oct 8-11 HAMBURG @ Comicfestival Hamburg
oct 14 LEIPZIG @ Lurukino w/ Max Baitinger, Jul Gordon, Sascha Hommer and James Turek
oct 16-19 PARIS @ Fanzines! Festival
oct 24 BERLIN @ Kreuzbergpavillon w/ Jan Soeken
See you there!

20 AUG 2015

Woooo, twitter! @anna_haifisch

18 AUG 2015

Ok, I'm working on a weekly series of comics called 'The Artist' which will be released very soon. Stay tuned. #localcontemporaryart

01 AUG 2015

I'll be reading 'Von Spatz' @Hanseplatte in Hamburg. w/ Thomas Wellmann, Aisha Franz and Jan Vismann. Come by if you can! #yolo #uniteandtakeover

12 JULY 2015


27 JUNE 2015

Walts patch for real

01 JUNE 2015

I'm in America until the end of june. I'll be reading at the event above with these radical people. Also you will find me behind a table @ CAKE Chicago. Poster by Andy Burkholder

28 MAY 2015

OH FROG / minicomic / RISO print, for CAKE Chicago

11 MAY 2015

frog fanart by Aisha Franz for The Pitchfork Review

06 APR 2015

note: I'm running out of foxes

25 FEB 2015

two weeks left, friends:

24 FEB 2015


27 JAN 2015

will I slip out on ottakringer?
will I get my book done?
it's going to be legendary.

19 JAN 2015

James and me will hold a talk about Tiny Masters, The Millionaires Club and our work @ Supertokonoma in Kassel.
January 20th / Doors 8pm / Start 8:30pm
Get the new Tiny Masters Mixtape there!

12 JAN 2015

There will be more objects Johannes Schweiger, Astrid Wagner and me did in this gallery:
Kerstin Engholm Galerie
Schleifmühlgasse 3
1040 Wien
Opening: 15/01/2015, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition: 16/01/2015 - 07/03/2015
Stop by if you can!

22 DEC 2014

Merry Christmas and a lucky 2015, friends!

04 DEC 2014

Toons like us (Reprise)
@ wellwellwell Vienna
Dec 06 2014 - Jan 17 2015 artartartwork by Johannes Schweiger, Astrid Wagner and me

13 NOV 2014

Walt on Main Street USA

12 NOV 2014

Tomi in Lockeport

03 NOV 2014

let's just all quit being artists before 2015 and do some other spooky things. I'll watch you from my hole. #Paul Arscott


9 OCT 2014

Sticker for Tiny Masters/ 8 x 3.5 cm

1 OCT 2014

Meet us at our table at the Comicfestival Hamburg. Or come party with us. #James Turek #Marie-Luce Schaller #Max Baitinger

26 SEPT 2014

04 SEPT 2014

Comic Superstars Roope Eronen, Max Baitinger and myself will be DJing rocking tunes at MBAR. SAT/ SEPT 6th/ 12PM/ cooler than Koff! Come by and have a drink with us!

23 AUG 2014

I'm in Helsinki until sept 20th. Thank you Goethe Institut Finnland. More pictures here.

09 AUG 2014

Riso Poster for Tiny Masters printed at the Risoclub.

04 AUG 2014

brothers watching TV

11 JULY 2014


10 JULY 2014

I wish

24 JUNE 2014

To support Festival Fanzines! in Paris this fall you can buy a 10 x 10 cm art piece done by cool artists for 10€. All you have to do is being there: wednesday, July 2 at 6 pm, chez l'Articho, 28 rue des Trois Bornes - Paris 11ème.

16 JUNE 2014

New screen prints

21 MAY 2014

Graf Koks Jr

15 MAY 2014

drawing pals

12 MAY 2014

03 MAY 2014


07 APR 2014

We will be in Lucerne for the Fumetto festival. Meet Andrea, James, Max and me at the 'Small Press Heaven' next weekend (april 12th-13th). We will also be singing at a club in the city. We might suck so I won't say the name of the venue. Come find us! .

19 MAR 2014

Thank you to all who helped, exhibited, visited and partied with us at The Millionaires Club 2014! It was a blast and we are more than overwhelmed. Check out the pictures on our tumblr.

09 MAR 2014

Martin Hotter sent me this shot of Carmilla and me. #Graz #Grazmuseum

10 FEB 2014

new book for The Millionaires Club 2014

31 JAN 2014

Exhibition design 'Carmilla, der Vampir und wir' at GrazMuseum in Austria. With MVD Austria, Astrid Wagner, Martin Hotter and Martin Embacher. More pictures of the process here.

19 JAN 2014

James and me did this sticker. Watch out for them in Leipzig.

04 JAN 2014

Happy New Year, Fans!

14 OCT 2013

I'll be in Paris this week. Me and Antoine Marchalot are in a show @ Le Monte-en-l'air. The opening will be this thursday OCT 17th / 7pm. Stop by if you're around.

24 SEPT 2013

Building 'Buddyland' for an exhibition @ Strips & Stories @ the Comicfest Hamburg.

31 AUG 2013

I'm off to Jakarta for 2 weeks to give a workshop to young Indonesian artists. If you happen to be there on Sept 14th there will be a final presentation of the artwork, music and films that had been made in the workshops at the 'Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta'. It's gonna be fun!

10 AUG 2013

My brothers

16 JULY 2013

15 JULY 2013

11 JUNE 2013

24 MAY 2013

22 APRIL 2013

That's me in my wildest dreams.

12 MAR 2013

28 FEB 2013


20 FEB 2013

The brand new Millionaires Club posters! Pictures stolen from my friend Szim.

And our shitty little bar. It's fun to collect money for a festival by selling booze. Thanks for drinking so much, beerfaces! You've been really supportive.

15 JAN 2013


28 DEC 2012

anna haifisch

21 DEC 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody!

03 DEC 2012

This is for a calendar the yourdrawling team put together. You can order the whole thing here.

19 NOV 2012

Die Schlange Hoffnung / Snake Hope

22 OCT 2012

Sketch 2008, Tommys Tavern

19 AUG 2012


25 JUNE 2012

My first Manga. I used Google translate and I hope it's right.

12 JUNE 2012

Yesterday this cool cat came over and stayed. If nobody answers my found-a-cat-letter I would love to keep Mrs. Cat Buddy.

16 MAY 2012

If you are in Hamburg come to meet the real Buddies. Gallery Fist put this show together. I'm very proud to be in this awesome lineup!

26 APRIL 2012

That's my younger brother Jakob. I drew him at an exhibition last year.

21 APRIL 2012

Last Weekend we went down to the SALON DE LA MICROEDITION in Lyon which is a festival for small press publishers showing and selling comics, screenprints and other cool stuff. Our friend Marie-Luce invited Andrea, Phillip, James and me to have a table there. It was awesome! Lyon is so pretty, the people were incredibly friendly and the whole festival was so well organized... food was cooked every day, nice catalogue, cool place, etc... oh man! I'm still impressed by the cool stuff we saw there and also by our crazy neighboors at the table. The dude puked

2 APR 2012

Dipsy-doodle Buddies in full color! This is a little preview of what I did the past couple of weeks.

12 MAR 2012

On Friday (during the book fair) we will be celebrating our third DROPS Mag, Caro Walchs new book and our Finnish guests. Everybody is invited!

7 MAR 2012

5 MAR 2012

I felt like a loser so I bought this stupid book. Now I'm gonna do it Trump style!

20 FEB 2012

T Rex and Dead Rex. Drawing for an upcoming flyer.

17 FEB 2012

Dancing Pig

13 FEB 2012

The "Pumpkin Bar" where the moths are hanging out.

19 NOV 2011

10 SEPT 2011

JULI 2011

Diplom mit den Buddies!

– I feel like i've just spent the day playing hooky from summer school and hanging out with my no-good punk rock friends. After this we'll totally catch hell but it's worth it! (A. M.)

DESTROY ALL LIZARDMEN! Von James Turek und Anna Haifisch Comic Release zum Hamburger Comicfest/ 48 s/w Seiten plus Siebdruckcover

AUG 2010



"Can we talk?", for The Lifted Brow

Club Articho for children or readers of a mental age of 7-13yrs. With comics by Antoine Marchalot, Chamo, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Paul Loubet, Christian Aubrun, Elga Libano, Aisha Franz, Didixtra, Lionel Serre, Yassine, Anna Haifisch, Maïa Roger, Jeanette, Jamy, Olivier Schrauwen & Anouk Ricard

The last THE ARTIST #20 episode is up, read the whole comic over at VICE.
Stay tuned for more episodes on this site around april/may 2016.

THE ARTIST #19, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #18, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #17, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #16, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #15, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #14, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #13, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #12, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #11, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #10, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #9, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #8, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #7, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #6, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #5, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #4, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #3, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #2, read the whole comic over at VICE.

THE ARTIST #1, read the whole comic over at VICE.

I filled in for Alex Schuberts Blobby Boys on

For kuš #21 Business Time. Buy your copy here./ cover ©Brecht Vandenbroucke
Ich bin der Sohn Fudo-Sans. Mein Leben gehört den Messern. ich bin der talentierteste Sashimi-Slicer der Präfektur Kyoto und der ganzen Kansai Region. Stechen, schlitzen, schnetzeln – niemand ist präziser als ich und dafür werde ich geliebt. Wenn die Sonne hinter dem Tengu untergeht, lege ich mein Messer beiseite und betrachte den Mond. Was gibt es noch da draußen für eine 28-jährige Ratte?

Ciao, Walt

Haiku 3

Haiku 2

Drawing by Mismas Guillaume


Illustration for TAZ and Kreuzberg Pavillon

pour MISMA.You guys are awesome! Cover by Paul Paetzel.

THE ARTIST in Finnish. For the Finnish/German Special KUTI #33.

For Chicagos Lumpen Magazine. Thanks Joe!

I filmed this on our trip to the Fumetto Comic Festival in Lucerne. Fumetto is cool!

This is for Mismas DUPOTUTTO Max #6. Comes with 2 colored and 4 b/w frog pages. Also check out Misma TV. Cover by Simon Hanselmann.

I drew two books for James and my upcoming enterprise TINY MASTERS.
Launching during The Millionaires Club we will as well sell books by Sascha Hommer, Jul Gordon, G.W.Duncanson, James Turek and many more to come.

KUTI KUTI Spring Issue 2014

The Millionaires Club 2014 w/ James Turek

anna haifisch

KUTI KUTI Spring Issue 2013

anna haifisch


anna haifisch

The Buddies Yankee Edition, 36 pages, screenprinted cover, comes with a mini poster. Comics about Love, Birth, The Future, Faith, Shrinks and The Cokepukes. Available via mail order (uuh, that means: send me an email)

anna haifisch

anna haifisch anna haifisch

Ein Comic für die Buchmessebeilage des Leipziger Stadtmagazins Kreuzer.


Poster for Safari. I'll be there.

CHIN TIKI for Kayrock Fresh Prints.
Chin Tiki tears...
Always hope for the best.

Poster for Fanzine Camping, also on FB

'YOU' set, 3 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, edition of 30

'Oh oh' set, 4 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, edition of 30

Tschak Tschak, RISO print, edition of 27

This show is going to rock! If you're in Toulouse in January - go there!! Mr Barbapop, Indelebile and Soiasun put a great line up together to get the book 'Alphabet' done. Awesome Papier Machine printed it.

Kalifornien, 4 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, shattered dreams, lonely tacos

rocket to russia rip-off for midnight crisis

The Artist, 3 color screenprints, 26 x 20 cm, sad and moving

Screenprinted with fancy neon ink @ Editiones Joc Doc in Mexico City.

Poster for Sammlung Lenikus in Vienna.

anna haifisch

Mini poster for an upcoming comic book. Printed on the Risograph for OILY Comics.

super vintage (2005)


I drew my weakest Halloween costume for

Illustration about nazi scum in saxony. For taz. Read the whole article here.

page for Maximum Rock'n'Roll

shirt objects by Schweiger / Wagner / Haifisch
@ Kerstin Engholm Gallery Wien /Fotos © Stefan Lux

for about alzheimers and lyme disease

artartart @wellwellwell
w/ Johannes Schweiger, Astrid Wagner and me

Helsinki Drawings

Carmilla recycling. Illustration for TAZ

The show is down - the catalogue is up! With lots of illustrations by me, designed by Martin Embacher. Passagen Verlag 2014

Illustrations for

Ads for KUTI magazine

For about dating and guts.

Illustrations and wall paintings for GrazMuseum, Austria.

For about drunk and sober comedians. Thank you Melissa!

Life-size drawings of Isidor, Frog and friends @ Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta. Thank you so much Beng and Jho!

anna haifisch

Presidents (2008)

anna haifisch

Billboard in Brooklyn zur US-Wahl 2008
mit Wolfy, Karl LaRocca und Christeen Francis


Anna Haifisch / Leipzig (Germany) / gnyx(at)
order 'Von Spatz' (deutsch)
or 'Clinique Von Spatz' (francais)
2016 ©Anna Haifisch
photo ©Jay Gard